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Software I use, gadgets I ❤️, and other things I recommend.

I get asked a lot about the things I use to build software, stay productive, or buy to fool myself into thinking I'm being productive when I'm really just procrastinating. Here's a small list of my favorites.


  • MacBook Pro 14” M2 MAX, 32GB RAM (2023)

    This is my daily driver. I use it for everything from coding, to writing, to strategizing, to creating decks. I love the M2 Max performance. I'm glad Apple brought back the MagSafe connector and all the ports.

  • LG 32UP83A 32 Inch UHD (3840 x 2160) 4K Monitor with IPS Display

    With 32 inches of screen real estate and 4K resolution, I can have 4 windows open at the same time. I use the Rectangle App to split my screen and manage my windows.

  • Vissles LP85 Optical Mechanical Keyboard

    The keyboard that Apple should have made. Love the ultra slim form factor especially for a mechanical keyboard. A must have for anyone who loves the clicky sound when hammering the keys.

  • Logitech MX Master 3

    One of the most comfortable mouse I've used. The ergonomic design is comfortable to use for hours. This mouse is very well-built and is quite heavy, giving it a hefty feel. To be honest, I prefer this over the Apple magic mouse.

  • Vari Electric Standing Desk 60x30

    A solid table-top for all my needs in either standing / sitting form.

  • Herman Miller Aeron Chair

    I've switch to standing but still enjoy sitting once in a while especially during long calls. It's certainly pricey, but hey, who doesn't like an ergonomic chair with bragging rights?


  • Visual Studio Code

    A great IDE with all the extensions you can imagine.

  • iTerm2

    Replacement for the default iTerm that comes installed with macOS. Support for multiple panes. I use it with Oh-My-ZSH with a bunch of plugins I cannot live without (i.e. git zsh-autosuggestions zsh-syntax-highlighting zsh-history-substring-search fzf-zsh-plugin fzf-tab)

  • Postgres.app

    A full-featured PostgreSQL installation packaged as a standard Mac app. I use it to easily switch between Postgres versions when working on different applications.

  • Ngrok

    A terminal application that I use to securely deliver instant ingress into my apps running in my local machine while working with webhooks (i.e. Stripe events)

  • Postman

    If you're working with APIs, this is a must have tool. Use it to document, share and test API endpoints with access to a library of the most popular APIs.


  • Google Slides

    I use it frequently for creating pitch decks and presenting high level product roadmaps.

  • Miro

    I'm a visual person and this tool is great at giving me the freedom of expressing my thoughts when fleshing out workflows, architecture diagrams or strategy diagrams. It's great too when you need to brainstorm ideas with a group of people with realtime live interactions.

  • Notion

    A powerful all-in-one workspace that's I use to organize and manage my notes, todos and projects.

  • Product Board

    A great tool to plan, prioritize and rally your teams around your product roadmap

  • Airtable

    I use the Kanban view to manage product backlog for small projects and the forms to capture customer feedbacks quickly. Integrates with a on of applications to pull in data as well, coupled with custom scripts, can be a very powerful tool to build what you need quickly.