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    Welcome to my blog!

    Welcome to my website. Thanks for visiting. I'll be sharing my journey and learnings in business, work and life. Hope you enjoy!

    Took me long enough but I finally did it. It has been a crazy decade with the hurdles and opportunities life threw at me in business, work and life. Since I've had quite a lot of time this past few months, I've decided to properly re-introduce myself with my own website and blog.


    I've picked up a few things over the years as a father, a founder and engineer and i've often wondered the best way to share my learnings. A personal website with a blog came to mind and voila!


    Here are the topics I'll be writing

    • Startups (Tears and joys of startup life)
    • Software Engineering (How-tos, architecture, etc.)
    • Product Building (How to build and manage product)
    • Investments (Stocks, options, etc.)
    • Special projects (Hacks, side projects, etc.)

    How often

    Ideally every 2 weeks. Gonna hold myself to this 😅

    Hope you enjoy!